Wedding season is coming in fast and I'm sure many of you are not as prepared as you would like to be for your upcoming wedding. With so many things to plan (Venue, dress, flowers, catering, Etc.) expenses can easily rise, and I’m sure you are wondering where you can cut some costs. You just remembered that your cousin recently bought a new DSLR camera and you’re thinking maybe he could take pictures for you to help you save money.

  While you may think your cousin has a nice camera, most consumer DSLR don’t have the necessary features to appropriately cover a wedding. Let’s say your cousin does have the best camera money can buy (aprox. $6,000) and he also has the necessary lenses to fully cover a wedding ($8,000). Weddings are among the most difficult type of photography, it not only requires equipment but the experience to be able to adapt to various situations in a matter of seconds. 

a few pieces of essential equipment

  Important moments of the wedding can happen at any given time, so if your cousin decides he wants to take a break and have a drink there is a good chance he will miss many significant moments of the most important day of your life. 

  You may also be thinking “this is 2015 everyone has a camera in their smart phones… there is no way moments will be missed”. Most venues are very dark and make it nearly impossible to take a quality photo without adequate lighting. Professional lighting will not only ensure that your photos are properly exposed but they will also be in focus.

Photo taken with a smart phone

Photo taken with a smart phone

  Now that you have invested so much on your wedding, I guarantee you do not want to miss out on having profesional photographer capturing all the essentials of your special day.